Klaas Ruppel Klaas.Ruppel at domlang.fi
Fri May 26 10:55:04 UTC 2000

At 14.03 +0300 25.5.2000, Jorma Luutonen wrote:
>Dear ura-list members,
>I want to express my support for the inclusion of FUPA in  the Basic
>Multilingual Plane (BMP) of the universal character set.

Just for clarification: Jorma Luutunen expresses here the same
support for FUPA as other recent postings did in expressions like
"first phase" or the like. So far as I have understood the inclusion
of all FUPA elements in the BMP is so important because FUPA support
makes only sense on level 3.

Level 3 means: Implemented fonts can handle the technics of
combining. It is obvious that FUPA is unusable if characters can not
be combined. Combining is vital for FUPA. _Timely_ implementation of
level 3 can be expected only for the BMP (the first plane).

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