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"Tiit-Rein Viitso" <viitso at> wrote:

> The idea to change FUPA into UPA is almost good.  Still a late and great
> American linguist decided once somewhat hesitatingly "Uralic languages are
> spoken by Urals, I suppose" (I appreciate him too highly to mention his name
> in this connection). Really the word Fenno, or better Finno causes more
> correct associations wherever in the world than Uralic. So one should then
> decipher UPA as Universal Phonetic Alphabet. Unfortunately this UPA is
> obviously far from universal when one wants to apply it e.g. for Khoisan
> languages or Chinese.
> So I recommend first to try to change the Finno-Ugrian Society into the
> Uralian Society and the following Congressus Internationalis
> Fenno-Ugristarum Into Congressus Internationalis Uralistarum. I do not
> participate in such an attempt, it were only something huvittavaa in this
> reasonable world.
> Tiit-Rein Viitso
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