Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Fri Jan 25 08:33:06 UTC 2002

Message from Edwin Rutsch (edwin at humanityquest.com):

I am looking for native speaking language experts to contribute a short
300 word article, on the meaning of the word for +ACI-Inspiration+ACI- in
language of expertise. This is for inclusion in an art book I am writing
entitled +ACI-The Spirit of Inspiration+ACI-. I would like to have at least
different languages represented in the book.

I was wondering if anyone on the list would like to contribute an
article or if you have any suggestions, tips or leads on  where I could
find contributors in the Finnish language?

The article would include aspects of the following about the the nature
of inspiration+ADs- the definition, etymology, how it is expressed in the
arts and the authors personal insights.

I have created a detailed submission guideline with a sample article
which you can view at this URL

You can see the list of languages and contributors at this url.
If you are interested in contributing an article, I can be contacted
directly at:
edwin at humanityquest.com

Thank You


Edwin Rutsch <edwin at humanityquest.com>
(510) 528-9895

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