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Dear Uralists,

forwarded (below), a book announcement: a new North Saami dictionary (a
modified re-edition of Nielsen's dictionary). Orders can be sent to
yliopistopaino at, the price is 69,50 EUR.


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The Giellagas Institute (University of Oulu, Finland) presents:

Pekka Sammallahti
Publications of the Giellagas Institute Vo. 1. 2002
398 p.

The North Saami Resource Dictionary consists of three parts, all of which
contain the head words and their variants in volumes I­III and V of the
LAPPISK ORDBOK ­ LAPP DICTIONARY by Konrad Nielsen (I­V; vol-umes IV­V
written together with Asbjørn Nes-heim; Universitetsfor-la-get. Oslo
The first part of the dictionary contains the head words in a modified
alphabetical order where the effects of grade alternation and diphthong
simplification have been eliminated: the head words with different variants
of the same stem are brought together in the list. The secondary
mono-phthongs in vowel centers were replaced by their basic diphthongal
coun-terparts and the weak grade consonant centers by their strong grade
coun-ter-parts (even in loan words without grade alternation) for the
purposes of sorting; in the resulting sorted file vowel centers and
consonant centers were restored to their original forms for printing.
Further-more, the effects of the vowels following the consonant centers were
The second part of the dictionary contains the head words in a plain reverse
(a tergo) order.
The words in the third part are sorted according to the consonant centers of
stems and the letters following them; the letters before consonant centers
carry least sorting weight. Consonant centers in derivational suf-fixes are
not taken into account, and compounds occur as many times as they contain
stems. Some opaque items (such as aberaw'ku Œa grasping person') which
contain more than one consonant center but cannot be con-sidered derivatives
nor com-pounds occur as many times as they contain consonant centers.
The lists can be used for various purposes such as phonological,
morphological, etymological and ‹ together with the basic dictionary ‹
semantic research. Their publication in printed form rather than in
elec-tronic format (such as a web file) is motivated by Konrad Nielsen's
com-plicated orthographic system which makes searches in an electronic file
cumbersome. The lists contain no inform-ation on the syntactic category of
the vocabulary items (this information is not systematically given in the
original dictionary either). With the con-servative nature of Konrad
Niel-sen's orthography in mind this lack of syntactic information is not a
serious drawback: in most cases category can be inferred from the form of
the item.

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