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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Thu Jan 8 07:35:54 UTC 2004

Forwarded from Denis Sacharnych <denis at udmurtology.de>

Dear Johanna,
some news from Izhevsk (please forward the message to Ura-list, if you find
it interesting).

Dear friends and colleagues,
1. The forum devoted to the problems of the contemporary Udmurt language and
culture, started working in 2003 on one of websites managed by Petrov
brothers - the men made the first websites in Udmurt - now stops
functioning. The database of the forum are completely lost because the
server breakdown; i.e. all the messages posted to the forum, user infos and
so on are also lost. It was the only suitable forum in Internet, related
directly with the Udmurt language problems and used Udmurt in its work.
2. The new Udmurt forum created instead of the previous one is now
available. Because the original internet-address of this forum seems to be
difficult to keep in mind, I have made the convenient shortcuts to enter the
forum: www.udmurtology.narod.ru/forum/ , or www.udmurtology.de
This forum was designed in co-operation with Viktor and Aleksei Petrov (
http://petrov.izh.com ), and, following the example of its predecessor, it
is devoted to the present-day Udmurt language and culture and contains
sections devoted to some hot themes, e.g. "Contemporary Udmurt language",
"Udmurt language and computer", "Udmurt neologisms" and so on.
The working languages of the forum are Russian and Udmurt.


 Denis Sacharnych
 Pastuchowa 43-20
 426076 Izhevsk, Russland
 Tel. +7 3412 784387
 Fax +49 89 1488 258482
 E-mail denis at udmurtology.de

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