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The 37th international meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea
July 29th - August 1st 2004
Agder University College, Kristiansand, Norway

Conference theme: Effects of mobility on language
Mobility in both a narrow and a wide sense has played an important role for
language development throughout the history of language. In fact, most
linguistic changes are probably due to geographic and social mobility of one
kind or another. In our time, mobility is more common than ever before,
especially transnational migration. A number of topics can be related to the
conference theme, such as the linguistic consequences of

§        language contact in society, and in the world
§        language contact in interpersonal relationships
§        the relationship between language and culture(s)
§        the relationship between first language and second language, or
other (foreign) languages, multiple language competencies, etc.

NB! Papers are invited on both conference theme and other linguistic topics.

Plenary lectures
Professor Peter Auer, Freiburg, Germany: Migration and Social Identity:
Linguistic Issues

Professor Monica Heller, Toronto, Canada: Transnationalism and the
transformation of linguistic minorities

Professor Theo Vennemann, München, Germany (President of the SLE)

Proposal for Workshop or Poster session: February 15th 2004
Submitting of abstracts: March 15th 2004
Notification of acceptance: April 15th 2004
Registration lowest fee: May 15th 2004

For more information, visit:

Helge.Omdal at
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