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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Sat May 22 18:00:32 UTC 2004

Dear All,

with apologies for cross-postings, I would like to forward you the following
message from the good people of the LINGUIST list. Please consider
contributing to services such as hosting our mirror archive at
http://listserv.linguistlist.org/archives/ura-list.html !

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Laakso
Institut für Finno-Ugristik der Universität Wien
Universitätscampus AAKH, Spitalg. 2-4 Hof 7, A-1090 Wien
Tel. +43 1 4277 43009 | Fax +43 1 4277 9430
johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at | http://homepage.univie.ac.at/Johanna.Laakso/

Dear Reader,

Did you know that this list is hosted for free by The LINGUIST List or
that you can find archives of past postings on The LINGUIST List
website?  The Linguist List is proud to support listservs such as this
one as part of it's commitment to the linguistics community.

This commitment comes with a price however. In addition to the amount
we receive from governments and institutions, we need to raise over
$60,000 annually just to keep up with the costs of running LINGUIST,
the website, and lists like the one you are reading now. The LINGUIST
List is currently having a fund-drive.

If you find the list you are reading now to be a valuable resourse,
please consider supporting LINGUIST, which underwrites the cost. We
are happy to accept donations of any size from $5 on up. You can
donate now at http://linguistlist.org/donation.html.

Thank you,
The LINGUIST List Crew

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