FW: [ural] Rights of the Indigenous Peoples: ...Russia, 9-10 December 2004.

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Dear All,

forwarded (below), with usual apologies for cross-postings, a conference

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Betreff: [ural] Rights of the Indigenous Peoples: ...Russia, 9-10 December

Find below the Information to the International Conference "The Rights of
the Indigenous Peoples: Russian and the World Contexts", which is to be held
in Petrozavodsk, Russia, 9-10 December 2004.

On all the issues, concerning the Conference, please, do not hesitate to
contact the Organizers, who will be honoured to see You among the
participants of the Conference.

Sincerely Yours,

Roman Mikhalyuk

The Barents Indigenous Peoples' Office

Non-Commercial State Institution
Lenin Square, 2, Petrozavodsk, 185620, Republic of Karelia

Tel./fax: (+7 8142)78-46-63

E-mail: rcnc at sampo.ru, www.etnocenter.ru


Dear Colleagues,

Completing the UN International Decade of Indigenous People in December
2004, the Ministry of Culture and Public Relations of the Republic of
Karelia, the Republican Ethnic Cultural Centre, Youth Information and Law
Centre of Indigenous Peoples «NEVOND», «Society of Vepsian Culture», Union
of Karelian People and the Union of the Ingermanland Finns of Karelia hold
the International Conference «The Rights of the Indigenous Peoples: Russian
and the World Contexts» in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, on the 9-10th
of December 2004.

The UN International Decade of Indigenous People aimed at strengthening
international co-operation in solving the problems the indigenous peoples
faced in the human rights, education, culture, environment and health. To
achieve the stated goals within the International Decade, the UNO system
made many important decisions, including the establishment of a position of
the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of the Human Rights and Fundamental
Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples, establishment of the Permanent Forum on
Indigenous Issues. Public awareness of the indigenous peoples' problems and
the indigenous rights protection activities at the international and
national levels have considerably increased.

The International Conference «The Rights of the Indigenous Peoples: Russian
and the World Contexts» will deal with the discussion of the results of the
UN International Decade at the international and national levels,
preparation of the recommendations for the Programme of the next
International Decade of Indigenous People.

We are honoured to invite You to participate in the Conference and kindly
ask to forward a notification of Your participation, an electronic version
is possible, indicating the title of Your presentation by 01 October 2004 to
the following address:

2 Lenin Square, 185620 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia

Tel./fax: (+78142) 784663

E-mail: rcnc at sampo.ru, www.etnocenter.ru

Ms. Lana V. Migunova                      (+78142) 784663

Ms. Evgeniya A. Shustova                 (+78142) 764689

The Co-organizers of the Conference are the State Committee of the Republic
of Karelia on Ethnic Affairs, cultural and educational institutions.

The Conference will be closed with the Gala-Concert of groups of various
ethnic and cultural public organizations of the Republic of Karelia and
other participants from the countries of the Barents Region.

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