Saami Linguistics Symposium

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Tue Nov 7 12:12:20 UTC 2006

Saami Linguistics Symposium
University of Tromsø
23-24 November 2006

Starting on 23 November, we'll be hosting a two-day workshop on the  
structure of the Saami (Lapponic) languages at the University of Tromsø.

The programme, abstracts and registration details are now available at .

Invited speakers:
	Pekka Sammallahti, Oulu University
	Ida Toivonen, Carleton University
	Trond Trosterud, University of Tromsø

Recently an interest in Saami has begun to take root among linguists  
outside Scandinavia, and yet there has so far been little contact  
across traditions between scholars working on problems relating to  
grammar. The time would seem to be ripe to try and draw together  
researchers in different traditions with an interest in the structure  
of the Saami languages. Our hope is that, by doing this, we will  
contribute to increasing awareness of each other's work and  
accelerating research in the area by facilitating the crystallization  
of new collaborative projects.

Hope to see you here,

Patrik Bye, Kjell Kemi, Ove Lorentz

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