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Dear All,

as the Piliscsaba congress site ( http://fu11.btk.ppke.hu ) does not offer
more detailed descriptions of (most of) the planned symposia yet, here comes
another symposium text, from Cornelius Hasselblatt.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Laakso
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Von: Cornelius Hasselblatt <c.t.hasselblatt at rug.nl>
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Datum: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 11:31:42 +0200
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Betreff: Symposium FU11 2010

Symposium Uralic Contacts
Coordinator: Cornelius Hasselblatt (Groningen)
This symposium has the aim of compiling an inventarisation of contact
research with respect to the Uralic languages. In the past decennia much has
been written about different contact situations, ranging from conventional
loanword research to wild speculations about protolanguage substrate
phenomena. This symposium aims to give an overall assessment of the state of
affairs in this branch of Uralic studies, and should result in a
bibliographical handbook on Uralic contacts due to be published in 2011.
Contact research can be conducted on at least three levels:
­ Contacts on the level of reconstructed protolanguages (e.g. Uralic and
­ Contacts between language groups (e.g. Finnic and Slavic);
­ Contacts between single languages (e.g. Estonian and Russian).
Scholars are invited to participate with a paper on a specific contact
situation from one of the three levels mentioned above. At least one Uralic
language (group) has to be involved. The paper should list the research
carried out up to now, comment it critically, and suggest perspectives for
future research. In the view of the coordinator language contact is not
restricted to loanwords but comprises all areas of the language from
phonetics to pragmatics. Note, however, that descriptive papers like
'Problems of Finns learning Hungarian' or the like do not fall into the
scope of this symposium, as does purely contrastive linguistics.

Prof. dr. Cornelius Hasselblatt
Faculteit der Letteren / Finoegristiek
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Postbus 716
NL-9700 AS Groningen
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privé +31-594-500334

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