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Dear Johanna,

Thanks for all these latest messages of yours, there is quite a lot going
on, which is great.

I am writing to you to kindly ask you to circulate to the ura-list members
the following news --if you consider it appropriate:

1) In the journal 'Eleink' (directed by Erdelyi Istvan, published in
Budapest, n. VI/2, 2007) an article of mine has been published with the
following title: 'Az urali hipotezis es a mayar nyelv eredete: A kerdes
jelenlegi allasa' (The Uralic theory and the origin of Hungarian: the status
quaestionis). I believe this could be of interest because in this article I
reply to the various criticisms that have been raised against my work,
particularly against my books of 2002 and 2006. It has been said that I have
been unable and /or unwilling to reply to these critics; now finally I have
done so. I also have an electronic, English version of this paper, which I
am happy to circulate, if required.

2) In the number of 'Eleink' (VII/1, 2008), the following paper by Czegledi
K. has been published: 'Hozzaszolasok A. Marcantonio 2007. oktober 26-i
Budapesti eloadasahoz, melynek szoveget folyoiratunk elozo szamaban
kozoltuk', that is: 'Comment to a lecture' that I held at the ELTE
university in Budapest last October, and which forms the basis of my paper
in 'Eleink' 2007. I believe this article too could be of interest for our
readership, since it reports some of the comments made by the scholars who
attended my talk and/ or commented on it in writing. Among these comments I
would like to quote those by Prof. Csucs S., Prof. Emeritus Szekely Gy.  and
Prof. Erdelyi I. Thus --I believe -- the article reports a hot and fair

Many thanks,



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