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... and another interesting conference call.
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Call for papers
Beyond Dichotomies

The DiAGram research group in functional linguistics at Eötvös Loránd
University, Department of Hungarian (Budapest) is inviting linguists
to the international conference 'Beyond Dichotomies', due to take
place in Budapest, 25-26 October 2010.

The conference is aimed primarily at functional cognitive linguists.
Its key topic (intended as a point of orientation rather than as a
limitation) is the general trend in functionalism to relativize or
eliminate strict dichotomies, whether at an abstract theoretical level
or in the minute details of grammatical description (cf. fuzzy edges,
continua, etc.). To name but the most wide-ranging examples,
functional linguists typically deny that a neat and principled
distinction can be made between
.       semantics and pragmatics
.       grammar and lexicon
.       linguistic knowledge and language use
.       synchrony and diachrony
.       the individual-mental and the social dimensions of language.
These issues correspond broadly to research on cognitive grammar,
construction grammar, usage-based grammar, grammaticalization, etc.,
and linguists working in these fields are strongly encouraged to
participate. The organizers also have a typological focus on
agglutinative languages; however, linguists with a different research
interest are also more than welcome.
The language of the conference is English.
Confirmed keynote speakers:
Bernd Heine, University of Cologne
Paul Hopper, Carnegie Mellon University
Susanne Niemeier, University of Koblenz-Landau

The deadline for submission of abstracts (in English; max one page
including data and references) is June 10, 2010. Please submit your
abstract by e-mail to the address of the organizing committee:
diagram at Send your abstract as attachment to an e-mail
message (in both .pdf and .doc formats). Please indicate clearly
whether your abstract is intended as a poster or a section paper. The
abstracts will be evaluated by the organizing committee. Participants
will be notified about acceptance by July 10, 2010.

The body of the e-mail should include the following information
(preferably in this order):
1) Name of the participant
2) Title of presentation
3) Affiliation
4) E-mail address
5) Choice of paper or poster presentation

The book of abstracts will be published on the conference website, at

The organizers at Eötvös Loránd University:
Gábor Tolcsvai Nagy
Krisztina Laczkó
Szilárd Tátrai
Mária Ladányi
Nóra Kugler

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