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TIME:             23th-24th September, 2010

LOCATION: Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn, Estonia

PURPOSE:     Our purpose is to assemble the researchers and students
interested in the interaction of language and emotion in order to
exchange ideas and information. Presentations on the following topics
are welcomed: literal emotion terms, figurative descriptions, metaphors,
expression of emotion in speech and written text, morphology, syntax,
the emotional speech acts etc. How does language express, convey, or
even arouse emotions? The process of acquisition of emotion language by
children or L2 speakers is also a topic of high interest. Which emotions
are related to one’s mother tongue and its usage?  And possibly many
more topics related to the ones mentioned above.

PARTICIPANTS:      We invite linguists as well as psychologists,
anthropologists and even students of political science or media and
advertising to participate. Basically everyone who feels that the topic
of emotion—language interaction (or the affectivity in language in more
general terms) is or will be relevant in the purpose of their own
research is welcomed at the seminar.

LANGUAGE: The presentations will be held either in English or Estonian.

CONTRIBUTION: The event will be free of charge.

THE DATES: Please submit the title of your presentation and a short
abstract by _June the 15^th _ at the latest. In case you already have an
idea, please do not hesitate to submit it sooner – the earlier we will
know the people and potential topics, the more time we will have to
organize a high-quality event. Feedback about acceptance to the seminar
will be sent by the _1st of July 2010._

REGISTRATION_: September, the 1^st via_ e-mail: Ene.Vainik at eki.ee
<mailto:Ene.Vainik at eki.ee>.

CONTACT: Ene.Vainik at eki.ee <mailto:Ene.Vainik at eki.ee>

PROPOSALS: We welcome ideas and proposals and also some volunteers in
order to help us make the event as interesting and pleasant as possible.

MORE INFORMATION: keep your eye on the web page of the event
http://portaal.eki.ee/keelekalender.html or
    http://www.eki.ee/~ene/seminar/index.pdf  for the latest updates.

SUPPORT: The event is supported by ETF grant No 7149 (“The dynamic
aspects of conceptualisations of emotions”), the targeted financing
project SF0050023s09 („Modelling intermodular phenomena in Estonian“)
and the EKI’s project of basic financing for the year 2010 „Creating a
framework for detecting the affect-biasedness of lexical items in the

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