Workshop on S ámilanguage legacy

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                         Workshop on Sámi language legacy
                             Uppsala 6-8 April 2011
                                 Call for papers

Earlier scholars of the Sámi languages have left not only the results  
of their findings
in published books and articles, but also a wealth of research  
material from their
fieldwork, in the form of handwritten notes and recordings. This  
material is now
deposited in archives and libraries at different places. Among those  
places are the
University library and the Institute for Language and Folklore in  
Uppsala, where most of
the early unpublished works on the Sámi and the Sámi languages in  
Sweden can be found.
Uppsala has played a crucial role in documenting various aspects of  
Sámi culture and
language because it has been the center of the Church of Sweden and  
the earliest scholars
of Sámi were often priests and missionaries who intended on working  
among the Sámi.
Therefore a large amount of material has accumulated in Uppsala, and  
consequently Uppsala
is the appropriate place for a workshop of this kind.

We now want to gather present-day scholars who have used or are  
interested in using such
material for a 3-day workshop.  The goals of the workshop are 1) to  
discover and discuss
the inventory of archives (and other places) where Sámi language  
legacy materials can be
found; 2) to discuss the possibilities and limitations of such  
archives and their
contents; and 3) to discuss common ground among researchers from  
different institutions
that can lead to future collaborative projects connected to legacy  
materials related to
Sámi languages. During the workshop we will visit and become  
acquainted with the
collections at the Institute for Language and Folklore and the  
University library in

There will also be time for presentations of research connected to  
Sámi language legacy
material. We therefore welcome everyone who wants to give a  
presentation (20 minutes) of
work based ? partly or completely ? on legacy material to send in  
abstracts (max 1 page).

This workshop is funded by NordForsk ( via  
the Network for
Saami Documentation and Revitalization (   
Travel, lodging and
food costs will be reimbursed for 30 participants.  Priority will be  
given to presenters
and then on a first-come, first-served basis.

The deadline for abstract submission and travel grant applications is:  
  the 15th of

Notification of accepted talks and travel grants will be given: the  
25th of February.

The workshop is organized by Cecilia Hedlund and Lars-Gunnar Larsson.  
Cecilia is
presently engaged in a research project on Sámi language standardization and
lexicography. Lars-Gunnar is professor of Fenno-Ugric languages and is  
presently working
on a study in Ume Sámi language variation.

Please send abstracts, as well as applications for participation, by  
e-mail to:
legacywkshp at

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Inst f moderna språk/finsk-ugriska
Uppsala universitet
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