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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at
Tue Jan 4 11:57:52 UTC 2011

Dear URA-LIST Community,

due to a couple of enquiries, a reminder about our list policies:

URA-LIST is a closed list, which means that only list members can send mail
to the list address ura-list at . Mails coming from non-members are
automatically discarded, and so are mails which contain certain "taboo"
expressions or come from blacklisted addresses (i.e. from systems which have
been known to transmit spam). Note that even if you are a list member, your
posting will get discarded if you send it from another address than what you
used when subscribing to URA-LIST. (The server, being just a machine, just
cannot know that micimacko72 at is the same person as
jane.doe at universityofsomewhere.xx .)

Whenever a mail to the list is discarded, the moderator - yours truly - is
informed. I get at least a dozen such messages every day: mostly sheer spam,
sometimes unrelated linguistic stuff (especially logic and
programming-language conference calls etc. are often automatically
distributed to all possible linguistics-related lists). In the best case,
while skimming through these messages, I will have time to notice the
occasional serious messages - in which case I will take a look at the
message queue on the server and let the "real things" through. (This is what
happened today with the messages from colleagues Hedlund and Filchenko.
Sorry for the delay!)

So: Non-members who want to send mail to URA-LIST are kindly advised to
contact me first (or to subscribe to the list ;-) ). Members are welcome to
send their mails directly to the list address - do this first, and only drop
me a note if the message doesn't get through.

- Please avoid attachments: include the text in the message body, and if you
want to share longer texts or articles, upload them somewhere else and just
post the URL.
- If you want to change your subscription address, the easiest way is to
unsubscribe with your old address and subscribe with your new one
(instructions at the end of this message). In case of problems, contact me.

With best wishes for 2011


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