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Forwarded, some information on this year's Mari Summer School. (Original attachment downloadable at http://www.helsinki.fi/hyy/skv/v/mari_summer_school_2011_1.doc .)

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> Subject: Summer School of Mari Language and Culture July 18 – August 7, 2011
> Dear Sirs and Mesdames  .
>  We happy to announce annual Summer School of Mari Language and
> Culture organized by the Institute
>  of Finno-Ugric Studies and the International Office of Mari State
>  University. You can find the whole information in the application.
> --
> Yours sincerely,
> Zakharova Olga,
> International Office of
> Mari State University
>                       mailto:olga_zakharova at marsu.ru
> ---
> Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari El, Russian Federation
> July 18 – August 7, 2011.
> Mari State University is happy to announce annual Summer School of
> Mari Language and
> Culture organized by the Institute of Finno-Ugric Studies and the
> International Office of Mari
> State University. The Summer School will take place in Yoshkar-Ola,
> capital of the Republic of
> Mari El, on July 18-August 7, 2011. We use our advantages of long
> teaching experience, cozy
> and secure environment, and exploration of the traditionsl Mari
> culture incorporated in the study
> process.
> Feel free to apply and learn more about Mari language, a kin language
> to many other Finno-
> Ugric / Uralic languages: Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Komi, Udmurt,
> Erzya and Moksha
> Mordovian. Come to study a unique Mari culture, which has its roots in
> the pre-Christian pagan
> beliefs. You will be taught to speak, write and understand Mari
> speech, learn the traditional life
> of Mari, see the Volga river and feel the spirit of this Finno-Ugric
> minority in the middle of the
> Russian mainland.
> This year the Summer School program will consist of two parallel
> modules: for beginners and
> for advanced students (those who continue studying Mari). The classes
> and workshops will be
> delivered by experienced professors of Mari State University.
> How to apply
> The very first step is to fill and send the application form, and pay
> a registration fee.
> NOTICE: If you have specific needs and requirements (diet, living
> conditions, medical
> treatments, etc.) feel free to contact our International Office
> (preferably by e-mail).
> The non-refundable advance payment of 100 USD must be paid by
> international banking transfer
> to the account of Mari State University. Please indicate your last
> name (names) and purpose of
> payment ( “Summer School of Mari Language”) in the payment documents.
> Deadline for application and payment of the registration fee: May 16, 2011.
> The application form should be submitted to the International Office
> of Mari State University.
> You may also send a copy of the receipt from the bank as the
> confirmation of your payment.
> Invitations and visas
> The International Office of Mari State University provides assistance
> in preparing invitations
> needed for the Russian entry visa to all non-Russian citizens applying
> for participation.
> The citizens of the EU-member states can apply for the Russian
> short-term visa on a simplified
> procedure; so they will receive Letters of Invitation from the Mari
> State University. The non-
> EU citizens (e.g. American, Canadian, etc.) will receive official
> invitation forms. Both kinds
> of invitations will be sent to the applicants far in advance by
> regular air mail, or (in case of
> urgency) by courier mail.
> Citizens of the CIS countries (e.g. Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
> etc.) who will not need the
> Russian visa, should send their application form and pay the
> registration anyway.
> Fees
> Total cost of participation is 520 US Dolars. It includes: tuition
> fees, accomodation in the
> student dormitory, meals n the student caffeteria (two for a day:
> breakfast and lunch), cultural
> programme and local transportation for the whole period of the School.
> The fees should be paid in Russian roubles upon arriva to the cashiers
> of Mari State University.
> The sum is counted on the USD exchange rate of the Central Bank of the
> Russian Federation on
> the day of payment.
> Logistics
> Daily direct train goes every evening from Moscow to Yoshkar-Ola,
> departure from Kazansky
> railway terminal (Kazansky vokzal). Time in the way: approx. 16 hours
> (arrival next morning).
> MarSU International Office staff will provide meeting and
> transportation from the railway
> station in Yoshkar-Ola. We can give you advise and instruction if you
> choose the route through
> the cities of Kazan or Cheboksary.
> Contacts. Please send your applications, along with the notifications
> on money transfer
> of the registration fees to the International Office of Mari State
> University by e-mail:
> olga_zakharova at marsu.ru, olesya_yudina at marsu.ru
> or fax (+7 8362) 720705
> You can find the information about the program on our site:
> http://new.marsu.ru/en/International/summer_school_in_mari_language_and_culture/
> ---

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