Training Course on Processing Morphologically Rich Languages

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> Thematic Training Course on Processing Morphologically Rich Languages
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> The University of Helsinki and the Research Institute for Linguistics,
> Hungarian Academy of Sciences will host a one week training course on
> computational processing of morphologically rich languages. This PhD
> level course is a part of the thematic training programme offered by the
> Marie Curie ITN project CLARA. The course consists of lectures,
> discussions, and hands-on training activities. 
> The course is open to external participants, who are very welcome. The
> course is specifically aimed at PhD students, but is also open for
> candidates at master and postdoctoral levels. The course is relevant for
> researchers who are interested in practical applications of finite state
> transducers, or want to utilise such transducers for unrestricted text
> processing. We expect participants to have basic knowledge about finite
> state transducers, and some familiarity with a unix working environment.
> There is no participation fee for the researcher training course.
> See for detailed information.

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