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> Betreff: conference: Synchrony and Diachrony
> Synchrony and Diachrony: Variation and Change in Language History
> 16-Mar-2012 - 17-Mar-2012
> http://www.philsoc.org.uk 
> For much of the 20th century it was common for synchronic and diachronic
> linguistics, sharply distinguished by Saussure, to be treated as quite
> distinct disciplines, practised by different scholars. More recently,
> linguists have increasingly recognised the complex interdependencies
> between synchrony and diachrony, variation and change. The aim of our
> symposium is to celebrate this new spirit of partnership and to showcase
> some of the new research and researchers it will bring to the fore in
> the 21st century. We therefore invite offers of papers from doctoral
> students and early career researchers working on topics which link
> synchrony and diachrony, or variation and change. The two-day event will
> also feature a hands-on workshop exploring ways in which synchronic and
> diachronic approaches can enrich each other. 
> The workshop will be led by Professor Ritsuko Kikusawa of the National
> Museum of Ethnology, Osaka. The symposium will conclude with a talk by
> Dr David Willis (Cambridge), ‘Reanalysis and Language Contact in the
> Syntactic Atlas of Welsh Dialects’, open to all participants as well as
> to other members of the Philological Society and their guests. 
> No fee will be charged for full members or student associate members of
> the Society attending this symposium. A fee of £10 will be charged to
> non-members (£5 to students). Fees will be collected on the day of the
> event during Registration (11.30am-1.00pm). Fees will be waived for
> individuals who join the Society on the day. The membership application
> form is available online from http://www.philsoc.org.uk/membership.asp.
> Membership subscription is £10 per annum for full members or £10 for
> five years for student associate members. A sandwich lunch and wine
> reception on Friday, as well as tea and coffee on both days, are
> provided free of charge for all registered participants. 
> Papers are invited from doctoral students and early career researchers
> working on topics which link synchrony and diachrony, or variation and
> change. Offers of papers, accompanied by an abstract of not more than
> 150 words, should be sent to Dr Philomen Probert at
> philomen.probert at wolfson.ox.ac.uk by Monday 28 November 2011. 
> The Society intends to offer some grants for travel and/or accommodation
> to enable students to attend this event. If you would like to apply for
> funding, please contact the Hon. Treasurer, Dr Philip Durkin, by email
> to treasurer at philsoc.org.uk by Monday 5 December 2011; ask your
> supervisor to write to him in support of your application. If you are
> also submitting an abstract for consideration for the symposium, you may
> apply for a grant for both travel and accommodation at the same time (up
> to the deadline of 28 November for submitting abstracts).

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