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> Aihe: Call: Contemporary Hungarian Studies Postgraduate Conference
> Päivämäärä: 2. lokakuuta 2014 19.31.29 UTC+2
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> CFP: Contemporary Hungarian Studies Postgraduate Conference:
> Multidisciplinary European Perspectives
> 12-13 February 2015
> University of Glasgow
> Hungary is a dynamic political and cultural space that has been in
> constant transformation since 1989, and where political developments
> since 2010 in particular have attracted considerable international
> attention. Although the country's current political trajectory has
> already invited a great deal of commentary from within as well as beyond
> its borders, further critical analysis is still required. At the same
> time, Hungary's social and cultural present also deserves further
> scrutiny by the international scholarly community.
> Since the 2010 election victory of Viktor Orbán's nationalist Fidesz
> party, Hungary has undergone radical and sweeping changes to its
> political and economic order, provoking debates on the limits of
> democracy and the rule of law within the European Union. Furthermore,
> due to an increased role for the far right within mainstream government
> and shifts in spheres of interest in both domestic and international
> politics, Hungary has emerged as an important case study for reflections
> on post-socialist states in the 21st century. Therefore, increased
> scholarly attention is essential for understanding Hungary's current
> social, political and cultural landscape. The broad themes of
> post-socialism, nation and identity, and contemporary Hungary's place in
> the wider European political and socio-economic context are of
> particular importance.
> This need for a renewed discussion on Hungary that compliments or
> critically reflects on existing discourses forms the basis of this
> postgraduate conference. The term 'Hungarian Studies' can encompass a
> range of multidisciplinary perspectives and contemporary critical
> frameworks through which Hungary can be examined. Therefore, submissions
> to the 2015 Contemporary Hungarian Studies Postgraduate Conference are
> invited from a wide variety of academic disciplines.
> We welcome papers on the following topics, among others:
> Europeanisation, integration, and public policy
> Post-socialism and Neoliberalism
> Nationalism, identities, Minority Studies (e.g. Roma Studies)
> Gender, sexualities, and Queer
> Language change, translation, literature and literary criticism
> Human geographies
> Cultural (re)construction and management
> Ethnography and Folkloristics
> Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and accompanied by a short
> biographical note and details of institutional affiliation. Submissions
> and queries should be sent to hungarianstudiesconference at gmail.com.
> The deadline for submissions is 14 November 2014.
> For more information, click
> http://hungarianstudies.wordpress.com/call-for-papers/

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