[Ura-list] Yevdokiya Rombandeyeva in memoriam

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Dear URA-LIST community,

the new year starts with sad news. As reported by the ЮграPRO news site (http://www.ugrapro.ru/2017/01/04/v-yugre-na-89-m-godu-zhizni-skonchalas-vyidayushhiysya-mansiyskiy-uchyonyiy-evdokiya-rombandeeva/ <http://www.ugrapro.ru/2017/01/04/v-yugre-na-89-m-godu-zhizni-skonchalas-vyidayushhiysya-mansiyskiy-uchyonyiy-evdokiya-rombandeeva/> ), the Mansi linguist Yevdokiya Rombandeyeva has passed away in Khanty-Mansiysk on the 3rd of January. In April, she would have celebrated her 89th birthday.

Yevdokiya Ivanovna was born in 1928 and, like so many representatives of first-generation indigenous intelligentsia of her time, first acquired a teacher's training and worked as a teacher, before continuing her studies at the university of Leningrad in 1951. Working at research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, first in Leningrad, then in Moscow, from 1990 on in Siberia again, she soon became the leading authority in her native language. In addition to numerous studies on the Mansi language, grammars, dictionaries, and textbooks, she has published works on the history and traditional culture of her people. It is very difficult to imagine what 20th-century Ob-Ugric studies would have been without her contribution.

The passing of Yevdokiya Rombandeyeva, a highly respected and honoured senior linguist and perhaps the most famous representative of her people, is an immense loss to the Mansi nation and to the whole community of Uralicists worldwide. May her bright memory continue to encourage all who work to research and maintain the Mansi language!

With condolences to all who now miss the great Mansi linguist

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