[Ura-list] Final reminder: Workshop “Contact phenomena in the grammar of Uralic languages” at CIFU XIII (Vienna, August 16-21, 2020)

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Fri Oct 11 08:18:32 EDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

we would like to remind you that the deadline for abstract submission for
the workshop "Contact phenomena in the grammar of Uralic languages" is
already in a week (September 30). We are looking forward to your abstracts!

With best wishes,
Alexey Kozlov & Ksenia Shagal (workshop organizers)


Workshop “Contact phenomena in the grammar of Uralic languages” at CIFU
XIII (Vienna, August 16-21, 2020)

Deadline for abstract submission: September 30, 2019
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2020

Languages belonging to the Uralic family are spoken on a vast territory
throughout Eurasia, and despite sharing a number of important structural
properties, they also demonstrate considerable diversity in all language
domains, including morphology and syntax. Importantly, the distribution of
various grammatical properties in the languages is not random, but it
clearly reflects their geographical distribution and different contact
histories. For instance, Western Uralic languages (e.g. Finnish and
Hungarian), which have been influenced by Slavic, Germanic and Baltic
varieties, are in many respects well-deserved members of the Standard
Average European linguistic area. On the other hand, Eastern Uralic
varieties (e.g. Nenets and Khanty), which have been in contact with
northern Eurasian languages, such as Turkic and Yeniseian, exhibit a number
of features considered as areal traits in Siberia.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists in various Uralic
languages working on contact phenomena in the domain of grammar. We welcome
contributions focusing on particular cases of contact-induced grammatical
change, as well as more general papers discussing the methodology of
language contact research and challenges specific to the Uralic family.
Possible topics for talks may relate to (but are not restricted to) the

- contact-induced grammaticalization,
- matter and pattern borrowing in contact situations,
- role of language contact in paradigm formation and morphological
- mechanisms of contact-induced language change,
- areal typological studies of particular grammatical features or
- linguistic convergence in the Volga-Kama area,
- interaction of Uralic idioms with non-standard varieties of Russian,
- case studies of language contact from a broader perspective of historical

After the workshop, we plan to publish a collection of articles by the
participants as an edited volume or a special issue of a journal. The
language of both the workshop and the joint publication will be English.

Abstract proposals (max. 3000 characters including spaces) must be
submitted by September 30, 2019, using the electronic submission tool (
https://cifu13.univie.ac.at/call/online-submission/, abstracts submitted by
any other means cannot be considered). If you have problems with the
submission tool, please contact the event management office of the
University of Vienna at congress at univie.ac.at. For more information on the
submission process and the congress in general, see

For all correspondence concerning the workshop, please contact the
Ksenia Shagal (ksenia.shagal at gmail.com)
Alexey Kozlov (scripturas at mail.ru)
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