[Ura-list] CIFUXIII August 16-21 2020: The Interdisciplinary Past of the Uralic Linguistic Area

Outi Vesakoski outves at utu.fi
Fri Oct 11 08:18:33 EDT 2019

This is a remainder of an interdisciplinary symposium in CIFUXIII


Dear all, 

we are pleased to announce a symposium "The Interdisciplinary Past of the Uralic Linguistic Area" on current insights in linguistic, genetic and archaeological history of the Uralic linguistic area, specifically focusing on work promoting interdisciplinary studies of the human past. The symposia will be held as part of the XIII  International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies taking place in Vienna between August 16-21, 2020.

Recent advances in studies of linguistic, genetic and cultural history during the peopling of North-Western Eurasia and Western Siberia have resulted in a wealth of new information, which in turn is leading to new attempts to synthesize a holistic view of the history of the Uralic linguistic area. We invite presentations in any of the related fields ranging from basic studies in linguistics, population genetics and archaeology to applied interdisciplinary approaches. The preference is for presentations bringing a wide perspective on research on linguistic, genetic or cultural history and on the interdisciplinary work on the past of the Uralic linguistic area. Presentations should avoid intra-disciplinary jargon and details, and instead provide easy access to discussion and progress within each field.

The present symposium aims at enhancing multidisciplinary discussion and providing easy access to the recent progress made in different fields in revealing the linguistic, genetic and archaeological past of the Uralic linguistic area. A more detailed description of the  symposium can be found on the conference website: https://cifu13.univie.ac.at/programme/symposia/#E2 

We invite abstract submissions for oral presentations (20 + 10 min for discussion).  Anonymous abstracts, no longer than 3000 characters (including spaces), must be submitted in English, using the electronic submission tool (https://cifu13.univie.ac.at/call/online-submission/). Abstracts  submitted by any other means cannot be considered. For more  information on the submission process, see  https://cifu13.univie.ac.at/call/. Please remember to select symposium  E2 The interdisciplinary past of the Uralic linguistic area.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is September 30, 2019.
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2020.

The language of the symposium will be English.

The relevance of the abstract will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team consisting of linguists Rogier Blokland, Gerson Klumpp, Karl Pajusalu; geneticists Päivi Onkamo, Elina Salmela, Kristiina Tambets and archaeologists Valter Lang and Kerkko Nordqvist.

Contact: Outi Vesakoski (University of Turku, Finland), outi.vesakoski at utu.fi

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