Bir Hor

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Thu Apr 6 16:27:56 UTC 2000

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The Munda Language BIRHOR is still spoken in many districts of Bihar. In
Dec,1999 i visited a birhor community
of about 500 people in a village in Koderma district.They still use their
language. Hunting and agriculture are their primary occupation. Birhor
speakers can also be found in the districts of Nawadah, Giridih and
Deoghar. There are more than 10,000 speakers in Bihar.
At 02:32 PM 4/6/00 +0200, you wrote:
>   Hello!   Would anyone on the list happen to have first-hand  knowledge
>of whether or not the Munda language BIR HOR, closely related to  Mundari
>and Santali, is still spoken and where?    listed in the  "Ethnologue" as
>having somewhere between 590 and 1,500 speakers.   Does anyone have
>current, RELIABLE information on  this language and where it is still in
>use? Also, if anyone is aware of  published texts written in Bir Hor since
>Grierson I'd very much appreciate it if  you could let me know.   Many
>thanks in advance!   John

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