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Dear members of VYAKARAN,

Last week I sent out a note to the members of VYAKARAN pointing out a new website I have created on endangered and seldom studied South Asian languages. Many of you have responded to me directly with additional titles and suggestions, for which I am very grateful.

I just wanted to clear one thing up: My last message - as well as this one - was sent to you via VYAKARAN, not from me to you personally. For some reason, the header was not included in the message and it LOOKED like I had sent everyone a personal letter. I just wanted to point that out, since it was obvious in some of your responses to me that there were some misunderstandings here.

On a different note: Many people have sent me information on their works on the MAJOR languages of South Asia (Hindi, Kannada, etc.). Unfortunately, I cannot include these titles in the bibliography but if some kind soul out there would like to make a bibliography on these languages (or only one of these languages), I would be more than happy to include a link on my homepage to your site and of course to send you whatever titles I have received on these languages.

Thanks again to everyone and new titles are always welcome!


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