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Dear Sir,

We solicit your kind attention of 'Vyakaran' subscribes to the
following new titles on South Asian Linguistics:

1.      Amrita : the collected papers  contributed by Prof. A.M.
Ghatage. -- 1st  ed. -- Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India : Shresthi
Kasturbhai Lalbhai Smarak Nidhi,  2000.

520 p. ; 25 cm.         $50.00

Professor A M Ghatage is a highly distinguished, senior scholar
who, for over sixty five years now, has been intimately involved
with different areas of Indological studies.  However, his numerous
papers, articles and reviews today lie scattered in various research
journals or academic publications -- and are, therefore, not easily

Shresthi Kasturbhai Lalbhai Samarak Nidhi, Ahmedabad, now launches its
series of collected research/papers by eminent scholars -- putting
together, in its inaugural volume, Amrita, Professor Ghatage's forty
important papers on Indology, Jainology, and ancient Indian

These papers are offered in four sections: Prakrit Languages, Prakrit
literature, Sanskrit Language, and Linguistics and Lexicography.

2.      Applied linguistics : stylistics and language teaching / R.S.
Sharma.-- New  Delhi : Atlantic Publishers and  Distributors, c2001.

160 p. ; 23 cm.         $23.30
ISBN 8171562663         DK-126022

Applied Linguistics is a going and growing concern -- chiefly owing
to its practical utility, its power to show results in tackling
practical problems in language use and language learning and teaching.
This volume, a collection of Professor Sharma's 15 papers, written
from time to time, covers two major areas of Applied Linguistics,
namely (a) language teaching, and (b) stylistics. These essays,
says the author, are characterized by a novelty of approach,
sometime unconventional, and, at times, by a challenging statement
arising out of a thoughtful consideration of linguistic facts.

R S Sharma is former Professor of English at Banaras Hindu
University, and extensively published author.

3.      Linguistic structure and language dynamics in South Asia :
 papers from the  proceedings of SALA XVIII Roundtable / edited by
Anvita Abbi, R.S. Gupta, Ayesha  Kidwai. -- 1st ed. -- Delhi :
Motilal  Banarsidass Publishers, 2001.

xxi, 409 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.     $49.70
ISBN 8120817656         DK-126021

In South Asian languages, many of the variables that we attempt to
isolate and dissociate in language research, particularly of a
topological kind, are naturally present, identifiable, and thus
naturally dissociatable, says Professor James W Gair of Cornell
University in his prefatory note to the book. The factors that he
has in mind are genetic relationships, areal features, and the
presence of formal and functional varieties as well as of structural
features such as constituent order, morpho-syntactic processes and
linkages and devices for embedding and complementation, and the list
is easily expanded. South Asia, thus, forms a natural and accessible
laboratory for topological and historical-areal research.

Already some valuable work has been done in India on language contact.
And this has "contributed significantly to our understanding of area
formation and diffusion features and their relation to social factors
and bi- and multilingualism". Which some of the papers, included in
this volume, would well exemplify.

An outcome of the Eighteenth Roundtable of South Asian Language
Analysis (SALA), organized by the Centre of Linguistics and English,
School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India),
on 4-6 January 1997, this volume carries 27 select papers that
constitute a representative sample of the breadth and quality of
research that is being carried out in South Asian linguistics today.
These papers are offered in four thematic parts, namely: (a) Language
Contact and Related Issues, (b) Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology,
(c) Language, Society and Communication, and (d) Syntax and Semantics.
The book also includes papers on neurolinguistics and language

SALA XVIII Roundtable was attended by  scholars from all over the
world and about 150 papers were presented in twenty parallel sessions
and plenary sessions.

The Editors: Anvita Abbi, R S Gupta and Ayesha Kidwai teach linguistics
at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

4.      Malayalam language and linguistics / L.S. Ramaiah, N.
Rajasekharan Nair. -- Chennai : T.R. Publications, 2001.

236 p. ; 25 cm.         $40.00
ISBN 8185427291         DK-125896

The book is an attempt to present a comprehensive bibliography of
studies on the Malayalam language, which is recognised as one of the
five major Dravidian languages. It provides information on various
types of publications in the language and these include books and
parts of books, periodical articles, souvenir articles, popular
articles, reports, book reviews and papers tabled at different
conferences and workshops. The systematic presentation of information
involves a laborious compilation of information and its classification
into eighteen divisions like dictionaries, phonetics and phonology,
grammar, semantics, borrowings and loan words, glossary and vocabulary,
dialectology and lexicology, which are further sub-divided into
different categories.

5.      Managing multilingualism in India :  political and linguistic
manifestations /  E. Annamalai. -- New Delhi : Sage  Publications,

239 p. ; 23 cm.         $30.00
ISBN 8170369991         DK-126171

The book looks into dimensions of political and linguistic
significance when studying multilingualism in the Indian context,
addressing questions on mainly maintaining multilingual speech
communities, the nature of progress in such communities and those
who get excluded from such progress, and impact of multilingualism
on linguistic purity. Prof Annamalai, referring to a great deal of
research done on the subject, identifies to two
processes that lead to acquisition of multilingualism -- formal
schooling restricted to the elite and primary and secondary
socialisation at home and at the workplace. Explicitly opposing
linguistic purism sponsored by regional elites, he comments upon
the power relations in multilingualism, arguing that code switching
between languages occurs for social, political and economic gains.
He delves into the dynamics of the multilingualism scenario in India,
stating that the hierarchical relation between languages is a result
of misdirected policy-making that uses the constitutional provisions
for political gains.

6.      Navya-nyaya theory of verbal cognition : critical study of
Gadadhara's Vyutpattivada  : with introduction, English translation
and explanatory notes / by V.P. Bhatta. -- Delhi, India : Eastern
Book Linkers, 2001.

2 v. ; 22 cm.   per set  $150.00
Contents: v. 1. vi, 778 p. ISBN  8178540002 -- v. 2. vii, 847 p. ISBN
ISBN 8178540010         DK-126023

Not only is Vyutpattivada the best known treatise of Gadadhara, but
also a landmark work in Indian semantics and philosophy. While
Gadadhara spells out the Navya-Nyaya theory of individual word-meanings
and the role of expressive power in the understanding of word-meanings
in his Saktivada, his Vyutpattivada offers a focussed discussion of the
theory of verbal cognition (sabdabodha) -- the syntactico-semantic

Gadadhara analyses systematically the meanings of various parts of
speech and their semantic relations with each other to obtain the
total sentence meaning or verbal cognition. For instance, he analyses
the meanings of various karaka- and non-karaka cases, the meanings of
verbal roots and conjugational endings, and the meanings of primary
and secondary derivative affixes, and finally various  syntactico
semantic relations (samsarga) between various parts of speech. In
establishing his Navya-Nyaya theory of sentence-meaning, Gadadhara
also takes into account Panini's grammatical rules as well as the
writings of contemporary grammarians and ritualists.

Here is an authentic critical edition of Gadadhara's Vyutpattivada,
including its lucid English translation, original Sanskrit text, and
comprehensive explanatory notes. Since Vyutpattivada involves a number
of important thematic issues, Dr Bhatta provides an elaborate
introduction discussing, among other things, various aspects of
verbal cognition and nominative and accusative meanings; besides the
highly intricate viewpoints of Navya-Nyaya grammarians and ritualists.

Dr V P Bhatta is Editor, Sanskrit Dictionary, Deccan College, Pune,
and author of several erudite works.

7.      Classified recall vocabulary in Bengali  / Bakul Chandra
Chowdhury. -- Mysore, India  : Central Institute of Indian
Languages, 2000.
        v, viii, 321 p. ; 26 cm.
        ISBN 8173420602
        $11.70  DK-125774

8.      The concise Sanskrit-English dictionary / compiled by Vasudeo
Govind Apte. -- Delhi  : Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 2000.
        vi, 366 p. ; 18 cm.
        ISBN 8120801520
        $6.30 (ubd.)    DK-126259

9.      Essentials of second language teaching / K.V.V.L. Narasimha
Rao. -- Mysore, India : Central Institute of Indian Languages, 2000.
        x, 70 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
        ISBN 8173420726
        $3.30 (ubd.)    DK-125727

10.     Indian tradition of language studies and  contemporary
relevance / Kapil Kapoor. -- Vallabh Vidyanagar : H.M. Patel
Institute  of English Training & Research, 1999.
        47 p. ; 21 cm.
        $2.10 (ubd.)    DK-125750

11.     Kerala paaniniiyam : a treatise on Malayalam grammer /
A.R. Raja Raja Varma ; translation, C.J. Roy. -- Trivandrum,
Kerala, India : International School of  Dravidian
Linguistics, [1999].
        xxiii, 331 p. ; 21 cm.
        $33.30 (ubd.)   DK-126492

12.     Mother tongue education : theory and practice / K.V.V.L.
Narasimha Rao. --  Mysore, India : Central Institute of Indian
Languages, 2000.
        xii, 139 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
        ISBN 8173420718
        $6.70 (ubd.)    DK-125768

13.     Studies in translation : theory and  practice / edited by T.
Vinoda, V. Gopal Reddy. -- New Delhi : Prestige Books, 2000.
        127 p. ; 23 cm.
        ISBN 8175510838
        $20.00  DK-125973

14.     Translating Alien cultures : proceedings of the
Seminar-Cum-Workshopon "Translating  Alien Cultures" : organised
by the Centre  for Translation and Interpretation, CIEFL  from
16-20 March, 1998 / edited by Amrit Mehta, Lakshmi Haribandi. --
Hyderabad,  India : Centre for Translation and Interpretation,
CIEFL, 2000.
        ix, 92 p. ; 22 cm.
        ISBN 8185194556
        $13.30 (ubd.)   DK-126182

15.     Treatment of phonology in Dayananda / by Yajan Veer Dahiya. --
1st ed. -- Delhi : Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan, 2000.
        xi, 177 p. ; 23 cm.
        ISBN 8121701570
        $13.30  DK-126165

16.     Vagyoga, conversational Sanskrit / by  Vagish Shastri. --
1st ed. -- Varanasi,  India : Vagyoga Chetanapitham, 2000.
        xviii, 151 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
        $5.00 (ubd.)    DK-126346

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