Pashto language study

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In the flurry of interest about Pashto language study, it seems that
people are going to the AIPS page and getting information that Pashto is
taught at Penn, and they should contact either myself, or David Ludden.
Neither of these statements are currently true, and I've asked the people
at U. Washington who maintain the AIPS page to change this statement,
since we're also getting a lot of email that we can't respond to.

I have just put together a reference page of resources on Pashto language
study, and it can be viewed at:

It is also possible we *may* be able to cobble together a course on Pashto
for next semester, but at the moment I am not at all sure.

Please visit this page and let me know if there is anything that should be
changed, added, or whatever.

Hal Schiffman

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