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2003. Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics, edited by Tej
Ratna Kansakar and Mark Turin. Kathmandu: South Asia Institute and
Tribhuvan University. ISBN 99933-54-16-3. 293 + x pages.

Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics contains 24 articles on
languages spoken in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, Tibet and
China by scholars from nine different countries. The volume is a
compilation of many of the best papers presented at the 5th Himalayan
Languages Symposium held in Kathmandu on 13 – 15 September, 1999 – an
annual conference which serves as an open intellectual forum for
scholars working on all languages of the greater Himalayan region.

Languages dealt with in this compilation include Baraam, Boro, Bote,
Chinese, Dhimal, Hmar, Khasi, Kyirong Tibetan, Lhomi, Manipuri,
Meiteiron, Nepali, Newar, Rabha, Sherpa, Sunuwar, Tamang, Tangbe,
Thangmi, spoken and written Tibetan and many other tongues. The volume
also represents the full range of linguistic sub-fields, ranging from
grammatical descriptions and analyses of individual languages,
sociolinguistic studies, approaches informed by linguistic
anthropology, to general linguistic theory. The range of topics,
methodologies and languages covered by the contributions unearths a
volume of data that significantly adds to the understanding of the
languages and cultures of the greater Himalayan region.

The theoretical breadth and geographical scope of the studies
contained in Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics ensure that
the present volume will come to be an invaluable reference work for
scholars, students and general readers interested in Himalayan

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go into a modest fund to
which graduate students in linguistics from Tribhuvan University may
apply to cover fieldwork costs. By reinvesting in linguistic
scholarship in this manner, aspiring students and researchers will be
encouraged to pursue their interests in language documentation.

The volume is priced at Nepali Rupees 600 (approximately USD $10).
Please contact Nirmal Man Tuladhar by email if you would like to
purchase a copy  <nirmal at>

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