Linguistic tone and song in Indo-Aryan

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Mon Apr 19 15:16:51 UTC 2004

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Dear colleagues,

I am working on a short paper on prosody and poetry in Kalam Kohistani (Pakistan). Kalam Kohistani is a tone language, and one of the questions I am asking is if there is a systematic relation in this language between the pitches of a song and the phonological tones of the words of the song. (It would seem that there isn't; at least not in the styles I have recorded.)

I am wondering if this specific question has been addressed before for any Indo-Aryan language. One would think, for instance, that somebody must have looked at Punjabi tone and songs, but I have no references to any work in this area. The only material that I am aware of at the moment concerns Vedic accents and the extent to which they are preserved in recitation (Wayne Howard: "Vedic chant" in the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 5).

If you are aware of any relevant work, please let me know.

With best wishes,

Joan Baart

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