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Dear list members,

I received this mail today looking for Information and Communication
Technologies (ICT's) to support language teaching, among other things. If
anyone happens to know of such work, Ms. Da Fonseca would be very
interested. Please reply directly to her (and perhaps to me as well, as
I'd be very interested!).

All the best,

---------------------- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ----------------------
Betreff: South Asian Linguistics-request
Von:     "Da Fonseca, Nathalie" <n.dafonseca at unesco.org>
Datum:   Don, 15.07.2004, 15:18
An:      "'jpeterso at uni-osnabrueck.de'" <jpeterso at uni-osnabrueck.de>

Dear Mr Peterson,
As I have found very interesting information in your website "South Asian
Linguistics" I included it in the links in the website* of a project from
the UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector called Initiative B at bel
which aims at giving acces to information by using Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) to support linguistic and cultural
diversity, and protect languages in danger of disappearance.
Within the framework of this project Initiative B at bel, and as part of my
studies related to languages-cultures ( language policy,
teaching, creating tools, developing training), I am currently working on
a study to identify and evaluate ICT-based language learning programmes,
particularly those seeking to support literacy and acquisition of local
languages. In Guatemala, for example, there is a USAID-funded project
called Enlace Quiche which supports education in the Quechua language. The
material has been developed with local communities and is distributed on
CD-ROM.  Could you let me know if such initiatives are ongoing in Germany
or elsewhere or if you know people/tools related to such projects.
Thank you for your attention.
With warmest regards,
Nathalie Da Fonseca.

*It is under construction at the moment but you can have a brief
presentation of it from this page of UNESCO Education Sector
Nathalie Da Fonseca
Information Society Division
Communication and Information Sector
1 rue Miollis, 75015 Paris, France
01 45 68 43 93

John Peterson
FB 7, Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Osnabrück
D-49069 Osnabrück
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