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Just for curiosity, I visited the webpage.  The initial purpose
was really to see how the devanagari chars have been handled
and i wanted to look at the page only from the technology used
point of view.

Upon reading the page, I noticed that even I was not able to
correctly answer many of the questions, though Hindi happens
to be my mother tongue.  However, after going through this
excercise, I am not sure if I may still claim so :-|

Coming back to the technology used on this page, I would really
like to know as to what is likely to be the trend in the coming
months and years as far as displaying non-Roman chars are
concerned, UNICODE or Javascript with combinations such as

On our website, we intend to go ahead with UNICODE.  And a few
test records have recently been uploaded from the main database
server to the webserver.  Those interested may visit
<>, and click the link "use language
search" on the left column.

I already know from users, that it is not working most Mac machines
and will, of course, not work on machines where UNICODE is not
installed.  Unicode comes pre-installed in case of Win2000 and
Win-XP, and does not require any font loading time while one
is visiting the web pages.

I know this is a Grammarians' listserv, so perhaps should not
have sent this message here but could not resist.  Therefore,
discussants may reply me directly instead of sending to the entire

Once again, the excercise is really useful (and difficult).

Best wishes,

Ruth L. Schmidt wrote:
> Dear Peter,
> With Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac the Devanagari font was not
> displayed. With Netscape 4.7 it was displayed, but with anomalies
> ("ri" for "e" and others less transparent).
> Regards,
> Ruth
>> Dear Members of the List,
>>         This summer I have been working on grammatical material to help
>> learners grasp the difference between compound verbs like <gir jaanaa>,
>> <lauT jaanaa>, etc. and <gir paRnaa>, <lauT paRnaa>, etc. An exercise
>> intended to do this is at:
>> If any of you would be willing to take a look at it and let me know about
>> mistakes or flaws in it, I'd be very grateful to you.
>>         All the best,
>>                 Peter

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