Information about language name: Belagu?

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Accd to a quick Google:

The spelling given may have some association with Kannada, a Dravidian
language. (The page that I found is in Kannada, so perhaps a Kannada speaker
can assess this association.)

[Of course, the Kannada Balaga UK is the Association of the Kannada speaking
community in the UK.
There's also a Kannada Balaga of Chennai and even one in Charleston, West

In Indonesian, "belagu" means "a put on".

The spelling "Belaga" refers to the last major town in the upper Rejang
valley, Malaysia.

There's a Balagu (Tibetan) refugee camp, which, I supsect, is in Nepal near

[Miss Nepal's favorite pass time is Tirupti Balagu, according to her

There's a Balagu South Electoral District in Yendi, Ghana.

Additional information about the family could prove to be helpful.

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>Subject: Information about language name
>On one of our projects, we are asking parents to indicate the language of
>their child, and a father indicated that his child was born in India and
>spoke Belagu. I have been unable to find such a language name. Sometimes
>people will put down the name of the town or area they come from and say
>they speak that language, but I can't find a place of that name either.
>Can someone help?
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