Query on goals and sources in SA languages

John Peterson jpeterso at UNI-OSNABRUECK.DE
Tue Nov 30 10:37:46 UTC 2004

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Hello all!

I received this query from someone doing work on goals and sources and
their influence on morphosyntax. He would be interested in getting as many
translations of the following sentences into South Asian (or other!)
languages as possible.

Please send your replies directly to him: Seppo Kittilä <sepkit at utu.fi>

Here the relevant portion of his mail:

1. The teacher sent a/the book to the man
2. The teacher sent a/the book to Katmandu
3. The teacher received/took a/the book from the man
4. The teacher received a/the book from Katmandu
5. The teacher put the book on the table
6. The teacher took the book from the table

What I am interested here is the marking of Goal and Source and effects of
animacy on that (case marking interests me here the most). Does animacy
make any contribution to the encoding of these roles in Pali or Nepali? Is
it possible to encode the roles in the same way, and are there indirect
differences like dative shift or similar, which distinguishes between 1
and 2 in English (the dative shift is not possible in 2).

All the best,

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