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am happy to announce that The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics-2004 is now out.
here are its contents:

        Commentum Editoris      	

A.      Invited Contributions

        Patricia Donegan and David Stampe
        Rhythm and the Synthetic Drift of Munda	
        Udaya Narayan Singh and Suchita Singh
        The Possible and the Impossible in Bengali Word Formation: 
        Some Problems in Nominalization	

B.      Open Submissions

        E. Annamalai
         Case and the Argument Structure of Tamil	
        Soma Paul
        The Semantics of Bangla Compound Verbs	
        Shravan Vasishth
        Discourse Context and Word Order Preferences in Hindi	

C.      Regional Reports, Reviews and Abstracts

        Regional Reports
        John Peterson
        E. Annamalai
        India: An Interpretive Survey of Tamil Studies of Tamil         Tej K. Bhatia
        North America           	
        Thiru Kandiah
        The Challenge of Developing a Viable Modern Academic Tradition of 
        Post-Colonial Language Scholarship: A Sri Lankan Contextualisation	
        Ian R. Smith, Scotta Paauw, and B. A. Hussainmiya
        Sri Lanka Malay: the state of the art	


        Peri Bhaskararao and Karumuri Venkata Subbarao (eds.), The Tokyo
        Symposium on South Asian Languages:Contact,Covergence and Typology	
        by Peter Bakker
        Probal Dasgupta, Alan Ford, and Rajendra Singh, After Etymology: 
        Towards a Substantivist Linguistics	
        by Jouko Lindstedt
        Madhav M. Desphande and Peter E. Hook (eds.), Indian Linguistic Studies.
        Festschrift in Honor of George Cardona	
        by Vit Bubenik
        N. H. Itagi and Shailendra Kumar Singh (eds.), Linguistic Landscaping in 
        India with particular reference to the new States	
        by S. Imtiaz Hasnain
        Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fras, Perso-Arabic Hybrids in Hindi: 
        The Socio-Linguistic and Structural Analysis	
        by Ghil'ad Zuckermann

D.      Dialogue

        S. Imtiaz Hasnain and K. S. Rajyashree
        Hindustani as an Anxiety Between Hindi - Urdu Commitment	
        Harish Trivedi
        The Anxiety of Hindustani	


Rajendra Singh
Professor of Linguistics
Editor, The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics (Mouton de Gruyter)
Université de Montréal
Montréal,Québec,Canada H3C 3J7

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