Gujarati grammar

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Sat Apr 30 10:13:01 UTC 2005

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Hi Hugo,
I have a Gujarati grammar here in Bloomington, but it only describes a more
standardized version spoken in Ahmedabad. The southern Gujarat variety of
Gujarati, for example, (the variety spoken in Surat and Daman) is QUITE
different than the variety spoken in Ahmedabad. I ended up getting the TMA
system, negation patterns, and other structual patterns from people in Daman.
So, even if you have a certain grammar, it might not be what is spoken in Diu.
In any case, let's see what responses you receive from your query.


Quoting "Cardoso, H.C." <H.C.Cardoso at UVA.NL>:

> Dear all,
> I'm involved in a project on Indo-Portuguese, for which I need to refer quite
> heavily to Gujarati. I've tried to find a good Gujarati grammar (in a
> language other than Gujarati) on the web, bookshops in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Diu
> and Goa, but I couldn't. So, I decided to ask more experient linguists than
> me... Does anyone know of a good, authoritative Gujarati grammar? I would
> very much appreciate the reference and, if at all possible, indication on how
> to obtain it.
> Thanks. All the best,
>      Hugo

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