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Madhukar N. Gogate mngogate at VSNL.COM
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I want India to rise so that the whole world may
benefit -- Mahatma Gandhi.   Will India help the
Spelling Reform process,  with love & gratitude
to English language, which has benefitted India ?
Will future English have neat spellings? A British
Authority indicates -- Future of English depends
on India. Visit the end  notes on the  Index page
of www.mngogate.com updated on1 May 2005
India has many languages and scripts. They must
continue and prosper. They have good software.
But, at times,  the software is unavailable, or has
font problems.  English is used in India for higher
education & business.  Its linear Roman script is
easy for emails, search engines, phonebooks etc.
Future inventions for English will readily serve all
languages, if optional Roman lipi (script) is taken.
English  machines without any change, can work
almost phonetically.  M12 ( with English hints) in
website suits Marathi. Note a(a-alone)aa (a-art)
d (th-they) d'(d-dog) likewise (t t' n n' l l') e(egg)
i (is) o (old) u (u-push) ae (a-apple) ao(aw-law)
v (w-win) Equate rhasva-dirgha (hindi = hindee)
Apo(apostrophe mark ' ) helps for the variations
Use smalls (a-z)& 3 dots to end a sentence. Use
capitals (A-Z)to start (names, words)not spelled
in the above manner --  It nearly fully suits Hindi.
Other Indian languages may require few changes.
Marathi  Vidnyan Parishad (MVP) Pune Branch
Phone(020)24337574 (8-9 am2-3 pm9-10 pm)
mngogate at vsnl.com   www.mngogate.com and
Institution of  Engineers (India)Pune LocalCentre
Phone (020)25533376 ieiplc at vsnl.com present
                                 - 1 -
bhujalaachi  samasyaa (Groundwater Problems)
Marathi talk by Mr Suryakant Bagade ( Expert,
Govt agency) 6-30 pm on Friday 20 May 2005
                                 - 2 -
narmadaa prakalpaachi shodh yaatraa(Narmada
Project Review)Marathi talk by Dr Dattaprasad
Dabholkar, 6-30 pm on Tuesday 31 May 2005
at Institution of  Engineers, Jangli Maharaj Road,
Shivajinagar Pune. All welcome. Please circulate.
                          -- specimen --
-- A poem in Saubhadra (see E05 in website) --
priye, pahaa  pahaa... raatrich'aa samaya  saruni,
yet ushakkaal haa...pakshi madhur shabda kariti,
gunjaarav madhup variti... (apurn'a)(Incomplete)
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