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Madhukar N. Gogate mngogate at VSNL.COM
Wed Jan 19 06:18:59 UTC 2005

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Greetings. Please visit   www.mngogate.com
and see announcements on index page about
2 discussion groups. Membership is available
by invitation. Send your name, gender, email,
profession,  age, country,  languages known,
group(s) of interest.( Knowledge of Marathi
or Hindi desirable to join the Marathi group)

To join   globish-english at yahoogroups.com
first read articles E01, E02, also E04,  M12
( M12  pdf. carries some hints in English )

International Spelling Reform Conference is
to  be held in Germany on 29-31 July 2005.
Visit www.spellingsociety.org for details.

Note that /globish at yahoogroups.com/ is a
France-based group, unrelated to my work

Read articles E03, E04, M11,  M12 to join
marathi-romanscript at yahoogroups.com  It
is about standardization of optional Roman
script (lipi)  for Marathi  emails etc, without
making changes in English-typing machines,
and with respelling of English-based words
taken in Marathi (in its Devanagari script).

For example- pneumonia, police, company
glass = nyumoniaa, polis, kampani, glaas in
Romanized Marathi, as per its system. OR
retain original  spelling,  with  first  letter  in
capital form. Hence. no capital to start any
sentence. Use triple-dot to end a sentence.

Marathi in Roman is parallel  to Marathi  in
Devanagari, which  is kept intact. Similarly
Globish is parallel to current English writing
which is kept intact. Both parallel schemes
have chance of success. Respelling "within"
current  English seems  difficult  to achieve.
Reasons are given in aforesaid article E02.

Please  get enrolled early to discuss issues.
I propose to activate groups latest 1st Feb.
Joining any groups does not mean consent
and commitment to ideas. No fee. Join for
useful interaction. Resign later if necessary

I am civil engineer in  Pune-India doing this
social engineering. Please circulate.  Please
inform  suitable e-groups, where I may not
have access.  Thanks.  This note dated 19
January 2005  is  issued  by Moderator =
Madhukar N Gogate mngogate at vsnl.com

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