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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 11:46:39 -0500

My name is Ekta and I'm with the World Sindhi Institute. The World Sindhi
Institute (WSI), for Human Rights in Sindh, Pakistan, is a certified
501(c)3, non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.  WSI was
founded in March of 1997 to bring to the attention of the international
community the grave situation in Sindh, the southeastern province of

Every year, we hold an international conference in Washington, DC through
which we reach out to universities, NGO's, and scholars to come and have a
panel discussion on a chosen topic related to Sindh. . In our previous
conferences we've invited Congressmen, experts on Sindh's issues, noble
laureates, lawyers and politicians from Sindh, Pakistan.

This year, the topic is the "Future of Indigenous Languages: Focus on
Sindhi Language". I've been directed to you by Dr. Lachman Khubchandani,
Centre for Communication Studies in India. We would like to discuss any
possibilities of working together with you/your department either for
co-hosting or co-sponsoring the event in efforts to reach out to educate
them about Sindh, Sindhi culture and Sindhi language.

I look forward to hear from you to discuss any possibilities of working
together for our conference to be held in Washington DC on September 29th,


Ekta Chugani
World Sindhi Institute
Ph: 202.637.3244/5

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