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N Kodama kodama at LET.KUMAMOTO-U.AC.JP
Mon Dec 18 05:17:56 UTC 2006

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I did a small web search.

The dominant community, Kodava, have their official website, which may
partially fulfill their matrimonial needs, like many other expatriate
communities from South India.

The position of Kodagu language (Kodava Takk) in Kodagu appears to be
analogous to that of Tulu in Dakshin Kannad. A regional spoken standard
along with Kannada, the written standard. Karnataka Kodava Sahitya
Akademy, established in 1994 along with Tulu and Konkani Akademies, is
trying to promote the written form as well. Most probably, the authors
will be usually writing in Kannada (or English?).

The 1961 census, the most detailed linguistic survey after the
independence, gives 78,172 as the number of Coorgi/Kodagu mother tongue

N. Kodama (looks Dravidian?)
Kumamoto University

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