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  Language ( July  2006 )  English language brought Roman
  script to India.   Baffling spellings too. They need changes
  within Marathi, when written in Roman script. Inconsistent
  writings in current script too need changes in Roman form.
  Topic here is of interest to Marathi / Non-Marathi Thinkers.
  Complex terms like (transliteration, inflection) are avoided.
  Refer website   for (E) & (M) articles 
  below. Author ---  Madhukar N Gogate (India) on USA visit.
  His e-address /mngogate at is valid,  but contact 
  preferably mngogate1932 at  Circulate. Thanks.
(1) English / Marathi 
  American (Color Check Center) =  British (Colour Cheque  
  Centre) = Marathi (kalar chek sent'ar) ( &  Sanskrit-based 
  words) (England  America) = Marathi ( ingland' amerikaa).
(2) Follow sounds.
  English (pneumonia sell) are written in Marathi script akin
  to sounds (nyumoniaa sel) Write Marathi words in Roman
  as per sounds, not akin to writings in current script. Thus,
  (Govt = ) sarkaar ( = sounds Sir Car) and not = sarakaara
  (akin to current script).  New script can amend old lapses.
  No overdoing. Make an easy script. Few mild flaws are ok
  Use (ch sh) as in English though (h) is not uttered therein.
  (3) Symbols 
  Use those present in most English-writing machines. Use
  ab -yz, apo ( ' ).  Capitals to start names, without change,
  for reasons of documents & sentiments.  Rewrite English
  words in Marathi (E14). Thus (pensil polis aaiskrim t'enis) 
  etc. derived from English (Pencil Police Icecream Tennis).
  Some words (polis) etc take special forms (polisaa) when
  adding few case endings (polis + ne = polisaane).  Retain
  technical words, using capitals at start. Thus, Potassium.
  English (Run Air) =  Marathi ( ran ear ) (add apo for clarity
  if needed ra'n  e'ar)  Use triple dots (...)   (E15, E03, M12)
(4) Poems help
  See (E03 M12 M20). (E03 para 9 & E05) give few Marathi
  words, sounds, meanings. Popular poems help to explain
  sounds of symbols a -aa d -d' etc. Vowel length variations
  in (ill eel) (pull pool) are ignorable in Marathi in Roman lipi.
  ( hindi = hindee ).  Vowel lengths might vary while singing.
(5) A Marathi poem part       ( -- Baalakavi )      
  shraavan' maasi harsh maanasi, hiraval' daat'e ch'ohikad'e.
  kshan'aat yete sarasar shirave, kshan'aat phiruni un pad'e.
  varati baghataa  indradhunch'aa,  goph  duheri   vin'alaase.
  mangal toran' kaay baandhile nabhomand'al'i kun'i bhaase.
(6) Scope
  (Current & Roman) scripts are like ( Surface & Air) routes.
  Use current script known to millions, for centuries.  It has
  certain merits. (E15 M12).  Do develop & use its software.
  Use Roman lipi (script) when any difficulty arises. It suits
  phonebooks, dictionaries, computer-translations, internet
  working.   English spelling reforms may or may not occur.
  (E01 E02) Respell as per Marathi perception, for its need.
    (7) Standardization
  The scheme suggested by Author (for Marathi ) is based 
  on several public talks, writings (E04). It is not a program 
  for output in current script. Roman text will almost match
  with sounds ( Except words starting with capitals). Many
  persons e-mail in Marathi, with  Roman symbols as they
  deem fit.  Standardization is required for common benefit.

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