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  Language and Truth (Sep 2006)..... English notes
  follow a Marathi poem(part) by Ramdas, recast in
  Roman script here. See See
  M12 E15. If usual script facility is absent, use the
  Roman script available on English facilities. Try it
  for other languages - mngogate1932 at
  MG, NG (E05 website) back in India after US visit
    bare satya bolaa yathaatathya ch'aalaa
  bahu maaniti lok yen'e tumhaalaa.
  disaamaaji kaahitari te lihaave
  prasangi akhand'it vaachit j'aave.
  Poem in 1670 briefly - Speak truth, act truthfully. 
                  That would bring you respect. Daily read & write.
  Some scripture verses may clash with scientific
  truths. ( See website E10, M08 page 3). Certain
  English spellings may not be true to the sounds.
  (website E02). Marathi in Roman deals with that.
  Marathi script is good, use it. It makes compact
  words. Thus 2 letters (pre)(m) for 4 Roman (p)(r)
  (e)(m). Special signs of (r) (e) are mixed with (p)
  at special levels. Signs and places of (r ) vary in
  raj, tray, prem, rhine, arka. Linear (a -z) Roman,
  made phonetic enough, is better for dictionaries,
  phone-books, internet-searches,  e-discussions.
  (sarkaar), in Roman, is as per true sound. Word
  sarakaara ( = current script) has silent (a) in (ra)
  M12 has 8 proverbs ( two scripts, 3 dots). Media
  may kindly give some jokes, poems etc likewise.
    (A test - Translate into Marathi, in Roman script).
  Cricket is popular in India. It rained heavily today.
  Try. Answer is at end
  bharataat kriket' lokapriya aahe... aaj' khup paaus
  pad'laa. (No capitals, 3 dots bet sentences. Allow
  temporarily Cricket, with capital-starter). Circulate

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