Gujarati leaps forward

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Fri Apr 6 04:25:07 UTC 2007

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I forward part of a message sent by 
  Uttam Gajjar to me (April 2007). This is 
  for consideration of Marathi, Hindi folks.
  -- mngogate1932 at  (Pune)
  I name this as "Gujarati leaps forward"
  Congratulations to Creators
  of Gujarati Lexicon.
  There is a movement among
  Gujarati folks to simplify its
  grammar by taking common
  symbols for rhasva & dirgha
  (which I support for Marathi,
  atleast in the Roman option).
  Already mumbai (not mumbaee)
  Linguists use term (hrasva)
  -- MNG (Now Message part below)
  You will like this and if you do,
then please,
circulate it amongst your friends
for the love of Gujarati language.
  Ratilal  Chandaria,      
  e-mail:rpchandaria at
Balvant Patel,       
  e-mail:balvantpatel at
Uttam   Gajjar,         
  e-mail:uttamgajjar at

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