cancel hrasva-dirgha for (i, u)

Madhukar N. Gogate mngogate1932 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Apr 10 15:50:28 UTC 2007

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Subject -- Cancel hrasva-dirgha for (i, u)
  Very kind of Mr Uttam Gajjar for message below. 
  I draw attention to article E15 in
  called Sister Languages, where (hrasva dirgha point)
  is mentioned. Please note that in Shivaji-Peshva regimes,
  (also in some states outside Maharashtra where Marathi
  sansthaniks ruled, such as Baroda, Indore, Gwalior)
  official Marathi records were in Modi script which had
  not taken hrasva-dirgha duality for (i, u). So the concept
  is not new to Marathi minds. Poets may object regarding
  (laghu, guru) for vrutta-poems. But note many singers may 
  prolong hrasva vowel and sqeeze dirgha vowel to suit tunes.
  Note that Southern Indian languages need hrasva-dirgha, 
  like English does (kin-keen, pull-pool, get-gate, hole-whole),
  not only for (i, u) but also for (e, o). Northern languages
  like Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya might be able to
  drop that duality. Meanings may change just for few
  words, but can be inferred from context.
  -- Madhukar N Gogate

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Subject: Fw: Gujarati leaps forward
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 11:50:45 -0500

          Dear Madhukarbhai,
  I am so happy that the message of one 'i-u' reaches in Marathi
  -Our Sister Language-through your able hands..
  I feel proud of you..My trouble is: I don't know much English...
  I have two friends in my mind :
  You know both of them...
  One is Dr. Dayashankar Joshi–pioneer of this crusade– who is in England now...
  Second is Balvant Patel–Gandhinagar..
  They will provide you about all the reasons 'Why one 'i-u'? and other information you need..
  I attach one Doc. prepared by Balvantbhai..It is in Gujarati..
  --Uttam and  Madhu--

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  Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 11:26 PM
  Subject: Gujarati leaps forward


  Dear Uttambhai
  I emailed "Gujarati leaps forward" (lexicon) message to about 20000 persons among various Marathi yahoogroups, plus to some direct persons on my list.
  While I was in America (June-Aug 2006) yourself, 
  Balvantbhai and may be Mr Chandaria gave me
  information of progress of cancelling (hrasva dirgha duality) movement in Gujarati, but I lost that record.
  Please send me information again, duly updated,
  whether various newspapers, publishers, authors,
  sahitya parishads, govt etc have accepted the change, and to what extent. Is a transition period allowed for current rules and revised rules.
  As you are aware, I support it for Marathi, as
  may be seen in (M12) article (
  You may widely circulate this message, and I shall
  appreciate feedbacks from anyone regarding
  cancellation of hrasva-dirgha duality in Gujarati.
  I enclose (mngpune.pdf ) 4 page 100 kb
  Marathi attachment, so that persons reading this
  (to whom you may circulate) would know about
  my work-- 3 pages on vigyan prasaar, and its last 
  page is about optional roman lipi for Marathi.
  -- Madhukar N Gogate (Pune)
  mngogate1932 at
  ( Note I understand 50% & can read Gujarati, but lost contact after I shifted to Pune from Mumbai 1997)

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