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Urdu & Text/Corpus Linguistics: Rank Open, Basis Technology, MA, USA

Organization: Basis Technology
Department: Language Department
Web Address:
Job Rank: Rank Open
Specialty Areas: Text/Corpus Linguistics
Required Language(s): Urdu (urd)


Who we are:

Basis Technology provides software solutions for extracting meaningful
intelligence from unstructured text in Asian, European and Middle Eastern
languages. We help technology companies and government organizations
improve the accuracy of information retrieval, text mining and other
applications through advanced linguistics.

Description of the position:
The Urdu Language Specialist will be assigned general linguistics tasks,
1. Marking the part of speech of words; i.e. whether they are nouns,
verbs, adjectives, etc.
2. Marking up specific kinds of nouns; i.e. peoples' name, names of
organizations, specific locations, etc
3. Marking up sentences syntactically, by showing the noun phrases, verb
phrases, etc.

1. Native fluency of Urdu
2. Excellent knowledge of Modern Standard form and familiarity with
	various dialects
3. Excellent reading, speaking, and writing skills in English
4. Good knowledge of Classical Grammar
5. Ability to type in Urdu
6. Excellent attention to detail
7. Ability to work independently
8. Ability to work between 10-20 hours a week
9. High speed internet access
10. Familiarity with MS Word, Excel and Microsoft office in general
11. Authorization to work in the United States
12. Reliable and highly motivated

Compensation: Negotiable

Contact E-mail: Please submit your resume to jobs2007 at

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