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Subject: [NoFSA]position in Urdu and South Asian studies in Oslo
From:    "Pamela Gwynne Price" <p.g.price at iakh.uio.no>
Date:    Sat, July 14, 2007 07:29
To:      nofsa-nett at sum.uio.no

Associate Professor (SKO 1011) in Urdu / South Asia area studies at the
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, the Faculty of

A position as Associate Professor in Urdu / South Asia area studies  at
the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages is now
available. Please see the web site http://www.hf.uio.no/ikos/english/ for
information about research and teaching at the department.

As a member of the section for South Asia Studies in the
multidisciplinary Department for Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages
(IKOS), the holder of this position will be expected to teach Urdu (the
beginners’ course is taught every second year) and South Asia area studies
courses. Courses are taught at BA and MA levels, and the
successful candidate is also expected to supervise research students. The
successful candidate must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Urdu.

He or she should also demonstrate superior research competence utilising
Urdu as a vehicle to issues relevant to contemporary South Asia. The
Faculty of Humanities wishes to invite candidates from a broad range of
research profiles. Candidates can come from disciplines such as
anthropology, history, history of religions, human geography,
literature, political science or sociology. The appointee is expected to
take active part in research activities at the University. The area
studies courses will to some extent reflect the research interests of the
successful candidate.

The Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages aims at a strong
research profile and also at research driven teaching and
supervision. Applicants are requested to formulate their research
interests and to sketch out a project or projects with possible topics for
master theses.

The appointee should lead and initiate research, and will be required to
teach, supervise and participate in exams at all levels, and carry out
administrative duties in accordance with the needs of the Department.
Within his/her normal working duties and academic competence, the
appointee may also be obliged to undertake duties outside the
Department. The appointment is subject to any changes in working area or
job description decided by the Faculty of Humanities.

The minimum research qualification required for appointment to a
permanent academic post is a doctoral degree or equivalent
qualifications. If no applicant presents the necessary qualifications, a
temporary appointment for a maximum of 3 years might be offered,
provided that the applicant may qualify within the time allowed as stated
in section 5(1) of the Regulations issued pursuant to the Civil Service

When applicants are assessed, in accordance with current regulations the
main emphasis will be placed on the academic works submitted. Account will
also be taken of research management and participation in research
projects if sufficient documentary evidence of this activity is
provided. In addition weight will be placed on pedagogical
qualifications, publicizing work and ability to cooperate and engage in
the working environment of the department. Museum experience might be
regarded as an extra merit.

Documentary evidence of pedagogical competence must be provided.
Applicants who cannot produce documentary evidence of basic pedagogical
competence may nevertheless be appointed, provided they acquire this
competence within a period of two years after having been appointed.

Courses are mainly taught in Norwegian. Non-native speakers will be
expected to teach in Norwegian within a certain time after being
appointed.  (This time will be determined by the Faculty after the
appointment has been made).

As a general rule an interview and a trial lecture will be used in the
appointment process. References will also be contacted.

The University of Oslo has a goal of recruiting more women in academic
Women are encouraged to apply.The University of Oslo also has a goal of
recruiting more immigrants to Norway in academic positions. Immigrants are
encouraged to apply

Applicants must submit 3 (paper) copies of not more than 10 publications
which they wish the committee to assess, and mention the
academic/professional works or parts of works that he or she wishes to
have ascribed particular weight when the assessment is being conducted.
(The Ph.d. dissertation should normally be submitted if it is within a
relevant field.)

Please refer to “Rules for Appointments to Professorships and Associate
professorships” and “Rules for the assessment and weighting of
pedagogical competence for appointments to permanent academic posts which
include teaching duties”: http://www.hf.uio.no/personal/1011.html

The University of Oslo has an agreement for all employees, aiming to
secure rights to research results a.o.

For further information, contact:  Head of Department, Professor Arne
Bugge Amundsen, e-mail: a.b.amundsen at ikos.uio.no, tel.: +47 22 85 61 61,
or Administrative Head of Department Ragnhild Rebne, e-mail:
ragnhild.rebne at ikos.uio.no , Tel.: +47 22 85 59 26.

Pay grade:  57-63 (dependent on seniority and qualifications)

Closing date: September 20th 2007

REF. NO.: 07/8329

3 sets of the application including 2 references, curriculum vitae,
certified certificates / testimonials  and academic publications (a
maximum of 10) must be sent before the deadline to: The Faculty of
Humanities, P.O.Box 1079 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway.

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