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  Language July 2007        Multilangauge,
  Multiscript  India uses English for higher
  business and education.  So devices for
  English are spreading fast. Local scripts
  have merits.  Their fonts & programs too 
  are made, but may prove unworkable for
  e-dialogues etc. Roman script (= lipi) is 
  then used, with confusion about English 
  loan words. Basis should be (a) English
  devices will serve, without new symbols.
  (b) Near-phonetic writing. (c) Recast, or
  Alert on English spellings. Refer E15 in
  ( with special uses
  of capitals, apo, 3 dots (Refer E03 M12
  M21 if time permits). Marathi poem part
  & prose below (& end notes in English).
  Linear Roman suits typing, phonebooks
  dictionaries, emails and search engines.
  (html ) format places apo near symbols.
  Adjust lipi for other languages. Practise.
  Circulate -- mngogate1932 at
  premasvarup aai ! vaatsallyasindhu aai !
  bolaavu tuj' aataa mi kon'atyaa upaayi ?
  tu maay, lekaru mi; tu gaay, vaasaru mi
  taat'aatut'i j'ahaali aataa kase karu mi ?
  ghe janma tu phiruni, yein mihi pot'i
  khot'i  t'haro na devaa, hi ek aas mot'hi.
  -- Madhav Juliyan (1923) (aai = Mother)
  yaa  gambhir maahitich'aa tvarit prasaar
  karaa... ashaa  Emails yetaat... maahiti
  kadhi khari tar kadhi khot'i aste... shodh
  injin madhe Urban Legend vishay pahaa.
  Translate. anuvaad karaa.
  This purse contains one dollar. (Marathi
  syntax) = This purse in one dollar is.
  Two Answers At End. don uttare akher.
  Try. prayatna karaa.
    1. yaa Purse madhe ek Dollar aahe.
     (Capitals Alert)

  2. yaa pars madhe ek d'aolar aahe.
     (English Words Recast) Preferable.
  Colour (Br) = Color (Am) = kalar (Mar).
  See website E01, E02 parallel English.

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