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 <> The South Asian Language Review (SALR) plans a Special
Issue on "The Sumi language of Nagaland: grammatical, lexical and text
materials" to be guest edited by Nicholas Evans (University of Melbourne,


This special volume will present materials on Sumi (aka Sema), a
Tibeto-Burman language of Nagaland, based on fieldwork with several Sumi
speakers living in Melbourne, Australia, though also incorporating some
textual materials recorded on-site in Nagaland itself. Up to this point, the
only substantial existing description is the grammar of Sema by M.V.
Sreedhar (1980), based on a somewhat different variety to that we will deal
with in this issue. In addition, the papers in this special issue will
pursue a number of grammatical, semantic, phonological and phonetic topics
in greater depth than is to be found in Sreedhar.   The issue will also
include a short Sumi/English lexicon, and a collection of texts, with
accompanying sound and video files, as appropriate. The sound files will be
particularly helpful in illustrating segmental and tonal contrasts.

Approximate date of publication: late 2008


SALR seeks your support to promote linguistics across the globe. We accept
manuscripts on "General Linguistics" throughout the year. 






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