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      Marathi Sep 2007.. Monthly prose &
  part poem in Roman script (lipi) See
  m12 m21(Mar) e15(Eng) details e03 
  in ( Index page 
  has author's data, email id, yahoo =
  (mngogate1932 at Add it
  in contactlist to ensure mail delivery
  (author to reader) (reader to author).
    Mail lines may vary in lengths fonts.
  Upper text typed 9 line equal length
  arial. English note at end. Circulate.

  M12 (
  M21 (
  E15 (
  Use Roman, if usual lipi unavailable.
  Use symbols present in devices for
  English. 3 dots between sentences.
  Apo ( ' ) near symbol in html format. 
    sundar mi hon'aar

        aataa sundar mi hon'aar
  sundar mi hon'aar, ho
  maran'aane j'agan'aar.
  j'uni indriye, j'unaa pisaaraa
  sarva sarva zad'an'aar
  navyaa tanuch'e, navyaa shaktich'e
  pankha malaa phut'an'aar.
  nave oj maj'a, nave tej maj'a
  sarva nave mil'an'aar
  jirn'a j'unyaastav, kon' avaastav
  sudnya zurat basan'aar ?
  --- Govind (nidhan 1926) pangu hote.
  kavitaasutra - (pula likhit) ek naat'ak
  devanaagari lipit gun' aahet... roman 
      lipi sundar aahe ase naahi...  pan' ti
  ekastari asun tichi chinhe gurphat'at
  naahit... mhan'un ti mudran', Emails
  va maahitichi (a--z) vargavaari yaans
  sopi va saarvatrik aahe... j'arur pad'li
  tar tich'e "nave pankha" vaaparaavet.
  English note. Translate into Marathi.

  This machine makes face powder.
  Marathi syntax (word sequence) --
  This machine face powder makes.
  1. he yantra Face Powder banavte.
  2. he yantra phes paavd'ar banavte.
  (1) Capital starters signal names or

  English spellings (2) English words
  recast to suit Marathi (2) preferable.
  Marathi (he) English (He) not same.
  Marathi (he) sound as (he) in (help).
  yantra = (options) Machine mashin.
  No capital-small duality in usual lipi.
  Interested in future (Marathi) mails?
  Inform author (Revising mailing list).

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