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  Language April 2008   Marathi in Roman script (lipi),
      with symbols on devices of English if usual lipi absent.
    Adjust and try this method, for other Indian languages.

  See website ( m12 m21 e03 e15.
  Use links of m12  (, e15
  ( apo' near letter in html.
  i = ee, u = oo. (...) sentences separator. Use (a-z) but
  A-Z start names, usual English words.  Linear Roman
  suits emails, typing, data-sorting, translating, internet
  searches, etc. English respellings, notes are at end.
  = (a) =
  are sanvsaar sanvsaar, j'asaa tavaa ch'ulyaavar
  aadhi haataalaa ch'at'ake, tevhaa mil'te bhaakar.
  -- Bahinabai Chaudhari (1880-1951) kavitaa bhaag.
  = (b) =
  devanaagari (gadya) = roman lipi (gad, dya > gaddya) 
  dhvani nusaar...   gaddya (sanvsaar, bhaakar) shabda
  kavitaa vaachanaat antya (a) mishrit...    (he vishvachi
  maaze ghar) ovit (ghar)  shabdaach'aa  dhvani (ghara). 
  = (c) =
  (sansaar, sinha, ahinsaa)  ase shabda  dhvani nusaar 
  naahit... yaat (v) havaa... (sanvsaar, sinvha, ahinvsaa)
  lihaave... kaahijan' (samsaar, simha, ahimsaa) lihitaat.
  = (d) =
  maraat'hi (are) English (Are) --- (artha va dhvani) bhed.
  Marathi mini-dictionary with approx English meanings 
      to guide non-Marathi readers on above Marathi (a),(d).

    aadhi (Initially). aahet (Are). are (Oh). artha (Meaning).

  bhaakar (Bread).... bhaag (Part)...... bhed (Difference).  
  ch'at'ake (Burnings).. ch'ul (Hearth).... dhvani (Sound).  
  haat (Hand). j'asaa (Just As). kavitaa (Poem) laa (To). 
  mil'te (Arises). sanvsaar (Family Life). shabda (Word).   
  tavaa (Heating Pan). tevhaa (Then).. va (And) var (On)
  laa, var ( join prior altered word). # nusaar (As Per # ). 
    Marathi (in its lipi) has lots of English words. Marathi
  (in Roman) will have respellings (injekshan, kampani,
  aaiskrim, glaas) etc to match Marathi sound-symbol 
  relations and Marathi style of speaking English. Also
  allow, for some time, (Injection, Company, Icecream,
  Glass) etc. (Refer website e01, e02 Parallel English). 
  New spellings may create spam doubt ? Put author's

  email-id in contactlist, to get inbox mails. (Circulate).

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