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Marathi Dec 2008 Monthly trial with Roman script (lipi)
symbols on devices for English if usual-lipi-devices are
unavailable or usual lipi is unknown to students. Linear
Roman lipi suits typing, data-sorting internet email etc.
Usual lipi (3 tier, mixing symbols) phonebook, a failure

Use (a-z) for Marathi, (A-Z) to start names and original
English words. (apo ' ) near letter in html. (...) between
sentences. Visit ( i = ee
u = oo. (hindee mumbaee) match usual lipi, still (hindi,
mumbai) are used. See (
and ( Name (Seema) ok. 
Use (simaa) = Boundary, (kek kampani) etc in Marathi.
Use (Cake Company) if needed. (kar) etc may be read
(kara) in some poems. Tips > a (a-american) aa (a-art)
d (th-they) d' (d-day) e (egg)  j (j-jam) j' (s-his) v (w-win)

Future Mar - Eng dictionary extract M2 (omitting tense,
case endings, variations), to guess translation of poem 
part M1 (relevant meaning if multi-meanings). Circulate.
--------------------------------------- M1 ----------------------------------

sarvaanch'aa nirmik aahe ek dhani.
tyaach'e bhay mani dharaa sarva.
nyaayaane vastunch'aa upabhog ghyaavaa
aanand karaavaa... bhaand'u naye.
-- Mahatma Jotiba Phule (1827 -1890) 
--------------------------------------- M2 ---------------------------------
aahe (Is). aanand (Joy). bhaand' (Quarrel). bhay (Fear).
dhani (Owner)... dhar (Hold)...... ek (One)... ghe (Take).
kar (Hand, Make, Tax)........ man (Mind)......naye (Not).
nirmik (Creator)...........nyaay (Justice)........ sarva (All).
to (He)......... upabhog (Enjoyment)....... vastu (Object).

-------------------------------------  M3 ----------------------------------
(nyaay *nyaayaa = Justice), (mulgi *muli = Girl) ashaa
nondi koshaat upayogi... *Oblique = saamaannyarup...
(ne = By) (laa = To) Etc ek prattyay-yaadi Endings-list
koshaat havi...  mag aakalan hoil ki (mulilaa > To Girl),
(muline > By Girl), (nyaayaane > By Justice)... Simple
sugam (mulgi ne)? ( >11
sugam English ( > 4 5 6


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