[OCLC-CAT] D.K. Agencies is the newest vendor partner

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Fri Dec 19 03:42:59 UTC 2008

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  Dear List owner,

DK is happy to forward herewith the OCLC's announcement about DK Agencies
became the vendor record contributor to WorldCat. Hope you would like to 
circulate among the list members.

Best wishes,

D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd.

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Subject:     [OCLC-CAT] D.K. Agencies is the newest vendor partner
Date:     Thu, 18 Dec 2008 17:49:04 -0500
From:     Whitacre,Cynthia <whitacrc at OCLC.ORG>
Reply-To:     OCLC-Cataloging <OCLC-CAT at OCLC.ORG>

*D.K. Agencies Loads Records into WorldCat*

OCLC has begun adding files of MARC records from D.K. Agencies to
WorldCat.  D.K. Agencies, founded in 1968, are booksellers and
subscription agents handling publications originating from India,
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and serving
university, research and public libraries around the world.  They supply
books in English, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi and other vernacular
languages of India (Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Urdu, etc. to name a few)
through firm orders and blanket orders/approval plans.  Having been
involved in the cataloging of Indian books for over 35 years, D.K.
Agencies offer the largest database of Indian books.  Lately, they have
started adding tag 880 to the MARC records in the original scripts of
all the major Indian languages.  They also provide retrospective
conversion services to libraries.

When a D.K. Agencies record (OCLC symbol DKAGE) is added or matched to
WorldCat, a 938 field is added to the MARC record that contains the
vendor code DKAP.  This code is indexed; vendor records are searchable
in Connexion using the vendor index (Vendor (vn:) in the dropdown
menu).  Some examples of the records added to WorldCat from D.K. are
OCLC numbers: #269249501, #277280429, and #286356742.  Examples of
records matched are: #244293471, #247448076, and #214280503

For information about D.K. Agencies, see their web site at:

For a list of all partners contributing records through the Vendor
Record Contribution Program, see:

Cynthia M. Whitacre
Manager, WorldCat Quality & Partner Content Dept.
800-848-5878, ext. 6183 (US and Canada)
614-764-6183 (direct and international)
whitacrc at oclc.org

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